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So, when do I wash my jeans?

As one of the most celebrated garments around the world – Jeans, many have been googling when they should wash them! True enthusiasts have taken pride in preserving their jeans in its most original state, sometimes, almost never washing them. However, ‘never’ should not be case, especially for that essential pair that you put on daily.


The practice of not washing your jeans or rather, it’s myth started when raw jeans of Japanese Indigo Dye became popular among streetwear lovers. ‘Aizome’, Japan’s natural Indigo dye was popularized in the 17th century and picked up by contemporary streetwear brands in the late 90s. The demand was not only proven by its rich aesthetics in colour but its natural benefits that repels insects, prevent odors and anti-bacterial function as well. Cotton drenched in the Japanese dye received attention far beyond its shores and into international fashion houses. Swedish Denim Label, Nudies Jeans is one of the go-tos for alike denim lovers.


Owning a pair of Nudies Jeans is not as easy as it looks. Encouraging customers to only wash their pair 6 months after being broken into, the results on these jeans are priceless. From natural crease streaks around the crotch to faded knees and back pockets, these are precious details enthusiasts covet for. However, not all denim jeans are suitable for such process. It is only the raw or dry denim jeans that are dyed and never chemically processed like, ‘pre-washed’.

Common misconception of Aizome revolves around its dark, masculine navy tone while ‘Aijino’, a lighter shade of the Japanese indigo dye is less known. Exclusive to The Bespoke Club Denim, you can find a nostalgic shade of Japanese Indigo, available for customization. Our fabric library features denim of cotton stretch as well as raw dyed indigo. Visit The Bespoke Club Boutique to find more on Japanese dyed jeans and customization options.


P.S/ If it isn’t a pair of Japanese raw jeans, wash them before they stink!

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